Saturday, November 15, 2014

Banner/Flyer Layouts

I did the graphic design layouts for the following pieces. Some text and images have been replaced or changed for legal purposes. 

Three Panel Banner


Incorporating "ViZLab" with background. The term came from
our team being called the "Visual Arts Lab."

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

CHROMA Event Posters

During my time at Art Center College of Design, I became Vice President of the club CHROMA
Recognizing the contributions 
of people of African and Latin descent 
to the art and design community.

Here are some event posters I put together that we pinned up around the school.

Design 4 Good 2014 24 Hour Blitz

The non-profit organization that my team worked on was called Valley Community Healthcare. They wanted a new brochure that would give information on prenatal care that they offer along with tips and health info. The brochure also needed to hold numerous handouts from other organizations on health care. Without a specific budget given to us, our team decided to create four different design options that would lower cost, be at a medium of cost, or be of a higher cost to reproduce.
This is my take on the project. 

Process Sketches

Inspiration Board- different types of folds

Finished page layout

Optional color change for additional services

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Vector Logo- John Muir High School

John Muir High School 
needed a vector based logo for future 
large format printing.



App Work

A collaboration within The Fantasy Bureau
working on the design for an App 
built for patients and their doctors at 
Prince George County

Friday, September 26, 2014

Inking It

Mock CD cover for Crime Mob and some inked textures.

Balloon Bear

Vector done in Illustrator. Sketch done with pen and paper.

Library Time

Working with kids inspires a lot of my work.
Here, I would observe and sketch during the reading time for the kids at the library as well as during other activities.
Compliments to Cleveland Elementary.


Make Me So...

Gouache interpretation of a collage of magazine pieces.

Show Title for the Dewey Cox Show (Walk Hard movie)